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Best Jobs For Women in the UK


Glassdoor publishes an annual review that ranks the best jobs in the UK based on employee satisfaction scores. This year, the ‘best jobs’ are listed in the following categories: Accountancy, Data scientist, Marketing manager, and Business development manager. Read on to discover which jobs are best for women and which are not. If you want to make the most money in your career, accountancy is the right choice. However, it is not the only career option you should consider.

Accountancy jobs are amongst the highest paid jobs in the UK

According to a recent survey by Accountancy Age, accountants in the UK earn on average £15,710 a year. Taking into account the cost of living, the difference between the highest-paid accountants and the lowest-paid accountants was still more than 60%. While it might seem unlikely that accountants earn as much as their London counterparts, this is actually the case. Although the salaries of accounting professionals in London are much higher than those in other regions, the average salary in these cities is just 3% below that of the national midpoint.

Marketing manager is the ‘best’ job

The marketing industry is often maligned, but many people aspire to become a marketing manager. A new report by Glassdoor ranks the best jobs in the UK. The list takes into account the base salary, number of open positions, and career prospects. According to the report, marketing manager ranks highest, while finance manager and mechanical engineer take second and third places, respectively. The report also looks at the salaries of employees.

Data scientist is the ‘best’ job for three years in a row

Several factors contribute to the ‘best’ jobs list, and being a data scientist is among them. The role requires a combination of quantitative skills, understanding of human behaviour, and industry experience. A data scientist will use algorithms to analyse massive data sets and identify trends. In addition to being the most desirable job in the UK, this one pays well – according to Glassdoor, it is the best job in the world for three years running!

Business development manager is the ‘best’ job for women

There are many jobs out there that women can get, but few of them are as rewarding as business development manager. This job involves working with a team of Retailers to create partnerships and increase sales. You’ll be responsible for acquiring new customers, increasing their average order value, and increasing the frequency of purchase. You will be working with some of the largest delivery companies in the UK.

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